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Kirby Atwell Interview from Bunker Labs

Kirby Atwell
Founder, Green Vet Homes

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“The Bunker RDU has had a tremendous impact on me and my business! The mentoring, the educational sessions, the networking and the connections have been phenomenal. I would recommend this program for every veteran entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business.”

CJ Scarlet
Founder, Evidence Vault

“As a Vietnam veteran I have always known the need for veterans helping veterans. The Bunker does that but also helps veterans who are or are striving to become entrepreneurs. Although I was skeptical at first the Bunker family showed me new ways to look at and advance my business. The relationships created, both personal and professional, have impacted my life in ways I never thought possible.”

Budd Radvoich
Co-Founder, Neusiok Wines

“If you are a veteran who is interested in starting a business, run (don’t walk) to the nearest Bunker Labs.  It is different from other accelerators in that there is another level of trust between veterans.  We all genuinely want to collaborate to help each other succeed.  Bunker Labs is the way to tap into the veteran network nationwide.”

Nick Bradfield
Founder, Divvy Investments

“Bunker Labs provided the inspiration, education and network to help my business thrive!  The education, Braintrusts, one-on-one mentoring and peer-to-peer support has allowed me to grow professionally and personally.  Being part of a community with fellow veteran entrepreneurs who understand how difficult entrepreneurship can be, motivates me to be the best I can be.”

Alisha Ramsey
President, Tellurvision Studios

“Bunker Labs has been nothing short of helpful and inspirational for me and my company Petrics.  From day one, Bunker has significantly grown my network, knowledge, and passion to build my business and pay it forward by helping other veterans. I am honored to be part of this group that I am now luckily enough to call friends. Because of Bunker RDU, I was able to connect to a hardware design firm that is ready to invest in my company to help bring our flagship product to market.  Without Bunker Labs this would not have been possible.”

Edward Hall
CEO, Petrics

“Bunker Labs has been a tremendous resource where veterans and civilians alike can meet in a learning environment where you help each other succeed.   The instruction, exposure and connections we have made have proven to be essential to our business success”

Michael Wayne
Co-Founder, Qualia Networks