Corporate Giving


The Need To Support Veteran Entrepreneurship

After World War II, 49 percent of veterans went on to start and own their own businesses, according to the Kauffman Foundation. Today, 25 percent of Post-9/11 veterans express an interest in starting and owning their own business, yet only six percent will. How has this spirit of entrepreneurship been lost among veterans? “Entrepreneurs need thriving networks,” said Maria Meyers founder and director of U.S.SourceLink. “It’s simple: The more contacts entrepreneurs can make in the early life of their companies, the greater their chance for success.”


Our Partner Philosophy

Bunker Labs RDU leadership team, in addition to sponsorship benefits, seeks to create strategic value for our sponsorship partners based on other corporate priorities, programs, and investment.

Bunker Labs RDU views our sponsors as partners who are joining with us to transform Raleigh-Durham into the center of veteran entrepreneurial activity.  This is a community based project that we will be investing in together.  There are three core principles we follow:

Collaborative Relationship

Our sponsors are engaging with us in a collaborative relationship to help provide veteran entrepreneurs with access to first class resources and support throughout the community and state.

Community Focused

We target partners who can help build communities or “ecosystems” for veterans to draw upon—organizations that can help stimulate their thinking, offer advice and assistance.


We encourage our partners to be as innovative as possible to help create new programs and other value-adding ways to support our veteran community.

The Need to Inspire, Educate and Connect

Current and former military service members need strong professional networks and relevant resources


Forum where veterans can be inspired to action around entrepreneurship and improve their lives


Easily accessible assets that develop and educate veterans professionally


Direct access to contacts that help veterans progress career aspirations

The Opportunity for Raleigh-Durham

Raleigh-Durham has the right environment, veteran population, and strategic partners to make a Bunker Labs chapter highly successful

Bunker Labs RDU

Bunker Labs is a 501(c)3 non-profit, entrepreneurship-support organization that supports early-stage, veteran-owned businesses and veteran entrepreneurs, filling a critical need to train returning veterans on how to effectively launch, build, and grow a business.  Given our states veteran population, military installations, veteran business community and business climate, we feel Bunker Labs RDU has the unique opportunity to become the hub for veteran innovation and entrepreneurship.  To turn this vision into reality we will need the support of the local business community.



Our State

North Carolina is consistently ranked high in business climate and quality of life.  Raleigh and Durham are ranked as two of the top communities for veterans and the area has a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Bunker Labs RDU has an experienced local leadership team that has been able to tie into the significant resources already available to veterans within both the public and private sectors.


Veteran Community

More than 769,000 veterans live in North Carolina, representing 9.8% of the states total population.  There are over 87,500 veteran owned firms in North Carolina generating over $54.9B in receipts, which makes the state the 8th largest veteran owned business economy in the nation.


Military and Veterans

Sponsorship Needs


Our goal is to become the flagship Bunker Labs location and we need your support to make that happen.  Every dollar we raise goes to support the events and programming veterans need to start and grow their businesses.  Your contributions go directly toward helping us expand our programming to better serve the entire veteran population across the state of North Carolina.


Bunker Labs RDU is community based organization, so we are continuously running high quality events in various cities across the state.  To support this effort, we  need in-kind sponsors for items like printing, t-shirts, lunch, video, audio, photography, swag bag contents….bottom line, pretty much ANYTHING to do with making our events and programming outstanding!

Overview & Sponsorship Packet


“At MetLife, we know that veterans bring extraordinary talent to every endeavor.  We are proud to hire them as employees and honored to support them as entrepreneurs through our work with Bunker Labs.  This is a win for our business and our community.”


Timothy McClain
Co-Chair, MetLife Military Veterans Network and former Captain, U.S.Army