The course is specifically tailored to fit the schedules of busy professionals who have a desire to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. The course will follow our 10 week curriculum that helps an entrepreneur develop the talents and skills required to be successful.


  • Ideation – Complete a definition of the business problem (or business opportunity) and its solution.

  • Conceptualization – Complete secondary and primary market research including competitive analysis, determining the market value of the business.

  • Creation – Create a plan for the development of the product (prototype) and/or services methodology in order to prove that the business concept is viable.

  • Evaluation – Complete the business plan with marketing plan, sales plan, management team and financial pro forma to determine if there is a viable business.

  • Preparation – Create a plan for the launch of the business, including all required business relationships.

  • Commercialization – Create a plan for the operations of the business, including all business disciplines.

Participants Will:

  • Experiment in a laboratory environment where their ideas and business concepts can and will be put to the test

  • Engage in our 10 week curriculum that dives into helping an entrepreneur get inspired and evaluate their business idea to create a plan to bring that idea to commercialization.

  • Educate themselves on the importance of focus, market understanding and business discipline, ideation and follow through

  • Learn from seasoned mentors and advisors who have run organizations from startups to fortune 500 companies

  • Connect with the resources, the tools and the network needed to be successful in the chaotic world of entrepreneurship



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