Veteran Entrepreneurs Need Your Support - Help Them Pursue Their Dreams of Starting a Business

Bunker Labs Raleigh-Durham is 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides military veterans with the knowledge, resources, and community they need to successfully start and grow businesses.

About 20% of veterans aspire to start their own business, yet since 1996, the share of veterans among U.S. entrepreneurs has dropped by more than 50%.

Your support of Bunker Labs allows us to provide veterans with the educational programming and access to expert mentors and collaborative networks they need to pursue their dream of starting a business.

Bunker Labs Support Model

Bunker Labs provides a peer-learning environment for veteran entrepreneurs. Inside of Bunker Labs, veteran entrepreneurs and their key staff members learn from one another in an environment of peer-to-peer collaboration and accountability.

1. A mentor  network with more than 50 pro bono experts.

2. “Ride-alongadvisors who provide industry expertise.

3. An investor network composed of angel investors, venture capitalists, and institutional-lending partners.

4. A national network of supporters that can be leveraged for key introductions and market connections.

5. Network of Strategic Partners, including nonprofit and governmental organizations, who can help certify companies as veteran-owned businesses, provide a ready pool of talent for hiring, and help prepare presentations to investors.

6. Continuing Education and Training, provided through structured programming, guest speakers, books, and expert assignments.

North Carolina has the right environment, veteran population and strategic partners to help veterans thrive.  A majority of our programs are free to veterans, so your support is needed to help transform our state into the hub of veteran innovation and entrepreneurship. Contributions to Bunker Labs RDU are 100% tax-deductible, and a proven cost-effective way to connect veteran entrepreneurs to the people and resources they need to succeed.

Have a question about individual giving?

Please feel free to reach out to Dean Bundschu at [email protected]