Bunker Builds Campaign


Veteran Entrepreneurs Need Your Support

Your generous support of Bunker Labs allows us to provide veterans with the educational programming and access to expert mentors and collaborative networks they need to pursue their dream of starting a business.

Join The Bunker Builds Coalition

Our partners are engaging with us in a collaborative relationship to help build a community to connect and empower military veterans as leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship within the state of North Carolina.  As an organization, we have big plans ahead working with our fantastic sponsors, foundations, DoD aligned organizations, elected officials, and VSO partners.  After WWII 49% of military veterans came home to start or own a business, ushering in the next great wave of economic growth amidst their entrepreneurial spirit.  This “greatest generation” set the stage for the next 75 years to come.  We believe this generation of returning veterans has the same opportunity.  The mission of Bunker Labs is to give them the platform for them to realize that full potential.


“Bunker Labs is a shining star of what we need to elevate the understanding, the empathy, and the compassion necessary, to what it has meant to wear the cross of the nation and we have a solemn responsibility to do everything we can as a collective society to support them and do everything that we can to ensure their long term success.”

Howard Shultz
Executive Chairman

“Our partnership with Bunker Labs RDU is essential to helping veteran-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with access to the right resources and tools they need to succeed in their business.  This is a unique partnership that allows us to inspire economic empowerment and help veteran business owners make their dreams become reality.”

Lenwood V. Long, Sr.
President & CEO
Carolina Small Business Development Fund

How We Measure Success

We are a program built by veteran entrepreneurs—for veteran entrepreneurs.  25% of transitioning service members want to start a business and they need places inside their community where they can connect with the people, resources and support they need to start and grow their businesses.  At Bunker Labs we believe veterans are our greatest national asset.  We aim to inspire, educate and connect transitioning service members and military spouses as they seek to become entrepreneurs.

What Veteran Entrepreneurs Are Saying

Bunker Labs supports military veterans throughout the journey of starting a business: from the idea stage—where active-duty service members are thinking about what to do post-service—to the growth stage of successful companies looking to hire, raise capital, and expand into new markets.  Bunker Labs’ network is designed to fill this critical space.


“Bunker Labs provided the inspiration, education and network to help my business thrive!  The education, Braintrusts, one-on-one mentoring and peer-to-peer support has allowed me to grow professionally and personally.  Being part of a community with fellow veteran entrepreneurs who understand how difficult entrepreneurship can be, motivates me to be the best I can be.”

Alisha Ramsey
Founder & President
Tellurvision Studios