The most important part of your marketing plan is its ability to engage with your audience. If you fail to accomplish this crucial goal, all of your other marketing efforts will cease to matter. As Simon Mainwaring once said, “Companies and their brands need to reach out and speak directly to consumers, to honor their values, and to form meaningful relationships with them. They must become architects of community, consistently demonstrating the values that their customer community expects in exchange for their loyalty and purchases.” If anyone knows the importance of communicating with customers, it’s Mainwaring. He is an award-winning branding consultant and advertising creative director.

What is Periscope?

One way you can accomplish this is through an app called Persicope. Periscope lets you broadcast live videos to your followers. Originally designed as a way to see the world through someone else’s eyes (for instance, “through the eyes of a protester in the Ukraine or from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia”), it is also a way to connect with customers, potential employees, and shareholders.

You may wonder why you would use Periscope when you can post similar videos to Facebook or Twitter. It’s true that you must have a presence on the two largest social media channels but unlike Facebook and Twitter, Persicope is still largely unsaturated. Some businesses have started to take advantage of the app, but there is still a lot of room in the market. So, for small businesses looking to make a mark in their industries, Periscope is a unique way to set your company apart. Since the app is free, it’s an easy and inexpensive way for small businesses and start-ups to establish meaningful relationships and reach their audience in real time.

Another reason to use Persicope is that it gives you the chance to personalize your brand and give a face to your company. The experience of viewing your videos on Periscope is different than through other, more conventional marketing channels. The novelty of the app can help set your brand apart from your competitors.

How to Use Periscope for Business

Now that you know you should be using Periscope, it’s time to learn how to use the technology to grow your business. One way you can engage your customers is to post behind the scenes videos. Customers love to feel like they’re a part of your company. It’s the feelings of acceptance and inclusion that cause customers to become loyal to a brand. Alternatively, you could interview your CEO or broadcast product demos. Each of these options provides a level of transparency to your business. People are more comfortable with companies that don’t hide their secrets behind a thick veil of advertising.

You can also use the app to involve your customers in company events, large meetings, or Q&A sessions. If you are having a company party, shoot a video for Periscope! If you are hosting an event in San Francisco, let the rest of the world view it over their phones. The trouble with hosting live events is that you are forced to limit your audience. With the addition of Periscope, you can eliminate this obstacle.

A particularly creative and personalized way to use Persicope is to incorporate it into your customer service plan. If you routinely receive questions regarding a particular issue, you can gather all of your customers via email, and send them a personalized Periscope video to answer the question.

You can learn more about Persicope and how to use it here.

As with any social media channel, in order to grow your audience, you will need to post videos frequently and on a planned schedule.  If you have a weekly event, for instance, people will be more likely to watch it because it’s predictable.

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