Bunker Labs was founded with the intent to support transitioning service members and veterans as they seek to launch their own ventures

Bunker Labs Vision

That every person who served in the military has the community, the requisite network, and the resources to realize their full entrepreneurial potential.


Bunker Labs inspires veterans by engaging successful entrepreneurs and community leaders to speak and serve as mentors. Our mentor pool allows our resident companies to learn from established and experienced managers. Our founders are able to tap the right expertise when they need, expand their business reach, identify new customers, and share lessons learned. A diverse and wide network helps expand the reach of our companies, and gives mentors the chance to get involved and support interesting and exciting veteran-owned startup enterprises, and to become a part of the broader Bunker community.



Bunker Labs educates its members by providing a 12 week entrepreneurial education curriculum for companies that participate in our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.  Our EPIC and “Braintrust” programs provide consistent live programming on a weekly basis.  Additionally, our Bunker-in-a-Box online program, aims to scale veteran founder education for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Our overall goal is to help entrepreneurs create, launch and operate their businesses by providing professional mentoring and business education programs that maximize the opportunity for success, resulting in incremental economic growth in revenue and jobs.


Bunker Labs connects veterans with one another by providing a physical meeting hub.   Programmatically Bunker Labs is similar to an accelerator: we are selective, we focus on helping companies through our wide network of mentors, speakers, and subject matter experts, and we are time limited to about four months.  Unlike accelerators, we don’t make an investment and we don’t take an equity stake.


Bunker Labs Mission and Impact Model

The mission of Bunker Labs is ‘to catalyze the entrepreneurial potential of the military experience to lead innovation in the American economy’

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