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Take a look at just some of the member companies in the Bunker Labs community.

Our goal is to launch and accelerate veteran-owned businesses, channel the energy among veterans to become entrepreneurs and business owners, and create a new forum for high-performing veterans to meet and collaborate.

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AM Raleigh

AM Raleigh, (named after Oprah’s ‘AM Chicago’) will be airing weekday mornings online beginning in January 2016. “We are designing a massive set in our Wake Forest Studio and we will be bringing good news, inspirational stories, amazing business owners, artists and creators, veterans and musicians to the show each morning to get people’s day started off right.”

Divvy Investments

Divvy Investments is an online subscription based tool designed to simplify retirement investing.  It provides low cost asset allocation advice using data science to recommend specific index funds for the chosen models and provides alerts to customers on when it is time to rebalance. It is set up as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the SEC. The company doesn’t hold any customer funds or ask customers to link their brokerage accounts to the website. It provides guidance for the do-it-yourself investor.

Culper Technologies

We are an early startup passionate in the manufacturing of residential Environmental Smart devices with an emphasis on ergo design and ease of use.  These devices will provide increased environmental data, improving efficiency of its own thermostats technology and improve energy savings.  The system enabled wirelessly will contribute to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) being accessed securely via a Remote, Smart phone and Web.

The Toof-inger Brush

The Toof-inger Brush is daily-use toothbrush that is designed to facilitate healthy brushing behavior by-way-of the grip. The Toof-inger Brush repurposes the brush handle, greatly limiting any chance of trauma to the surrounding gums, while making it easy to effectively removing plaque from around the teeth.

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Neusiok Wines-BunkerRDU
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Tiger Eye Security Sensor

Tiger Eye Security Sensor™, or TESS™, is the revolutionary, wearable and hands-free personal security device that allows you to take home-based security monitoring with you outside the home and provides actionable evidence for the identification and prosecution of criminals.

Cigars & Sea Stories

Cigars & Sea Stories is more than just a podcast. We collaborate with fellow veterans who want to make a difference in the world. Our goal is to empower veterans to achieve greatness. Give us a shout if you are a veteran with a business idea, or if you are seeking guidance in finding veteran entrepreneurship resources. We want to talk with you.

Neusiok Wines

Neusiok Wines was started with a vision of creating a unique boutique winery in Raleigh delivering a personalized fine wine.   Both founders are combat veterans who together with the love and support of their wives and families set out on this adventure. As a result they have found a unique niche where their flexible business model allows Neusiok wines to tailor the amount and types of wine they can produce quarterly. By operating like this Neusiok Wines can customize your wine to order and even put your very own special label on it.

Qualia Networks Inc

Founded in the World’s first Open Source City of Raleigh, North Carolina, Qualia Networks is an Internet of Things innovation company that produces wireless sensor networking development kits for Makers, Product Designers and University Researchers. Our products enable wide scale experimentation with wireless distributed monitoring and control systems, new interaction models based on the real-time interplay of machines with other machines and humans and natural interface designs that do not make use of screens.

Operational Art Solutions
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Operational Art Solutions

Operational Art Solutions utilizes the Decisive Execution Model, which is a time-tested and scalable approach that can be leveraged at every level of an organization to drive execution at an accelerated pace in a way that achieves tactical and strategic objectives. This approach enables organizations to quickly orient themselves to the competitive landscape, develop courses of action, evaluate alternatives and execute a plan in a complex, multi-functional environment.

The Tripoli Group

Fractional CFO and Controller Services: Whether it is a strategic transaction or ongoing finance and accounting support the right experience will put you on the path to success. With Tripoli Group’s fractional services we can develop dashboards for management, prepare investor financials and board books or simply help you account for a new line of business. If you have questions about your financials, we have answers.

Oak City Barista

Oak City Barista enhances the workplace experience with affordable, high quality, environmentally friendly, barista style coffee. Delicious specialty beverages brewed bean to cup, whipped and frothed at the touch of a button. Oak City Barista only uses whole beans from local coffee roasters to brew the best coffee for you, your employees and your customers.

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