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Braintrust Perspective: Guitar Made of Motorcycle Parts

  It’s similar to a roaming secret party, but really not secret at all and they’re actually tending to business. Held somewhere around Raleigh/Durham, NC the Bunker RDU Braintrust is a varied group of business citizenry gathering with Vetrepreneurs. It’s...
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The Why and How of Using Periscope for Business

The most important part of your marketing plan is its ability to engage with your audience. If you fail to accomplish this crucial goal, all of your other marketing efforts will cease to matter. As Simon Mainwaring once said, “Companies...
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5 key traits of a great mentor

Plato had Aristotle. Helen Keller had Anne Sullivan. J.J. Abrams had Steven Spielberg. All of these brilliant people acted as mentors to their younger protégés. They offered up their skills, experience, wisdom, and advice to those they knew could benefit...
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Bunker Labs RDU: Creating Entrepreneurial Support for Veterans

Veterans are a strong component in the lifeblood of North Carolina’s economy. More than 769,000 veterans live in North Carolina, representing 9.8 percent of the state’s total population. There are over 87,000 veteran-owned firms in North Carolina, and together they...
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