Message From Our CEO

Todd-ConnorAs we mark our second full year as an organization, I am humbled, amazed, and – most of all – energized by all that we have been able to do together. The Bunker Labs mission is to empower veterans as leaders in innovation and it should come as no surprise that when we put out the invitation to veterans to come start and grow businesses, perform as innovators, and join a national thriving network that they answered with a resounding “yes!”

What follows in this annual report are just some of the highlights of this past year. We continue to be a learning organization – mindful that we are a nascent organization still discovering how to best support military veterans as entrepreneurs, mindful of the controlled ‘experiments’ that we have run, and always mindful that with everything we do we must ensure we are having impact, capturing lessons learned to do better, and that Bunker Labs is on strong footing for a sustainable and thriving future. To that end, we have spent the year strengthening our curriculum, formalizing our expansion plans, developing with Deloitte a three-year strategic plan that will drive our priorities and actions, implementing technology platforms to accelerate our network effects, codifying our brand, mission statement, and values, and capturing the impact that we are having for veterans, their families, their businesses, and their communities.

None of what has been built these past two years would have been possible without the generous and early backing of our corporate and foundation sponsors. Your leadership and support, financial and otherwise, has been catalytic to help create a first-of-its-kind platform for military veteran entrepreneurs. Our other partnerships with the federal government, state and local elected officials, and other veteran service organizations have powerfully accelerated our growth and network. To see all of the goodwill and leadership that exists amongst this community has been an incredible personal and professional joy. Finally, as a peer-led community I am grateful to my colleagues who lead the Bunker Labs chapters across the U.S. and the entrepreneurs who are our clients as well as our friends. It is not so much what you build but rather the people you build it with, and I can think of no greater honor than to be in your company. And if you thought last year was exciting…

Todd Connor, CEO, Bunker Labs

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