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In the 2016 State of the Bunker video, Todd Connor shares his views on the year ahead for Bunker Labs!

Our goal is to launch and accelerate veteran-owned businesses, channel the energy among veterans to become entrepreneurs and business owners, and create a new forum for high-performing veterans to meet and collaborate.

We Are A Program Built By Veteran Entrepreneurs—For Veteran Entrepreneurs.

Bunker Labs RDU targets existing veteran-owned tech startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to inspire, educate and connect the business world through their ideas, hard work, and strategy.

Bunker-RDU 1st Cohort

Companies In Residence

We invite early-stage companies to apply to join Bunker Labs RDU. For companies like Cigars and Sea Stories (pictured left), we will provide space at The Frontier for six months, access to great talent, an exclusive network of fellow entrepreneurs, mentorship and professional development, and access to capital. You will participate in roundtable conversations, networking events, and a speakers series designed around your working needs and current state challenges. Our businesses have the option to continue their businesses at Bunker Labs RDU.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs (like many of the veterans who attended our VetStart event, pictured here) are invited to apply for and become Entrepreneurs in Residence at Bunker Labs RDU. We recognize that the best way of learning is by doing. Working in The Bunker gives you the chance to support our businesses, expand your network, and learn how to translate your skills into becoming an entrepreneur or working at a start-up. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to interview with prospective companies for placement, though we consistently hear from our founders of their desire to hire veterans who can “meet the mission” of helping them build their businesses.



Mentorship is critical to our businesses success, and we invite veterans and non-veterans alike to consider serving as mentors. Our mentor pool allows our resident companies to learn from established and experienced managers. Our founders are able to tap the right expertise when they need, expand their business reach, identify new customers, and share lessons learned. A diverse and wide network helps expand the reach of our companies, and gives mentors the chance to get involved and support interesting and exciting veteran-owned startup enterprises, and to become a part of the broader Bunker community.

The Frontier

Bunker Labs RDU is headquartered in The Frontier, which is strategically located in the heart of The Triangle.  The facility is host to a wide range of companies, entrepreneurs, and community events focused on the arts, tech and networking.  Its core mission is to enrich education, create jobs and lift the people of the state.

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